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Issue 002
May 1998

Issue 002
Our first 'real' issue!

Microsoft Bundles Coke with Windows 98
Microsoft flips position on controversal cola debate.

The Beautiful Game
It only happens once every four years. It makes the Olympics seem like a child's talent show. What is it? It's World Cup 98!

Bethany College to Be First Educational Institution in Space
The college on the move gets ready to make another.

Havoc Publisher Buys Expensive Car
Jealous staff members express dismay at ostentatious purchase.

The Boy Who Refused to Go to the Bathroom
A Story for Rebellious Children

Where Are Today's Heroes?
In a society that values flash over substance, what does that tell the next generation?




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Havoc Publisher Buys Expensive Car
by Gell Us Staph

SCOTTS VALLEY: Last March (in 1994) Havoc publisher Marc Zeedar purchased himself a fancy new 1995 Plymouth Neon.

He chose a white Sport model with air bags, anti-lock brakes, air conditioning, power locks, and a stereo.

Sources say he paid three to six times the full retail price, angering underpaid Havoc staff members. Said one member who preferred to keep his name hidden, "It's just not fair. If I went out a bought a car like that he'd wonder where I was moonlighting. But he can just go out and spend millions and no one cares."

Zeedar commented that the car was a "reasonable purchase for one in my position of power and authority." He refused to disclose the purchase amount, however, only stating "even I could barely afford it," implying that the rumors that he paid an inflated price are true. "They saw him coming," said an unidentified Havoc staffer.

Asked why he purchased such a new, untested model, Zeedar claimed he "liked it." He said he wasn't worried about future problems. "The ads made it appear 'zippy' and I liked the sporty feel. You buy a car to drive it and the Neon is fun to drive," said Zeedar. "It has 132 horses but gets 40 miles per gallon as a four-cylinder. I also appreciated the safety features and roomy interior."

What is his favorite feature? "I love the key -- you can put it in upside down and it still works! Really cool!"

The Neon the first car registered in Zeedar's name. (He never bothered to transfer ownership of his previous car.)

(Pictures are available at Marc's website.)


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