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Congratulations on your excellent taste. As an intelligent individual, you can see the discriminating readers that crave their Wreakly Havoc. You'd like to grab their eyeballs and direct them to your site, of course, but you aren't sure how.

The answer's your very own banner ad (like the one atop this page)!

Yes, for very little dough you can redirect millions of distinguished Havoc readers toward your site. The Havoc is a work of love, not money, of course, so you can count on wringing every scrap of copper from your precious advertising pennies. Here's how it works:

You send me a gif or jpeg banner no more than 30K and no larger than 500x60 pixels and the HTML code appropriate for your banner. Indicate how long you'd like your banner to run (in hits) and send me a check for the appropriate amount! (Typically 5% to 10% of hits become click-throughs to your site -- more if your ad is a grabber.)

Unlike some publications, the Havoc guarantees your hits -- you pay for hits, not time, so no matter how long it takes, you pay only for the hits you want. And it's dirt cheap!

Advertising Rates


The above is for single banners placed at the Havoc's discretion. For premium locations (which feature a higher hit count), the following additional charges apply:

Welcome Pageadd $10
Cover Pageadd $5
Newsbriefs, Letters, or Classifiedsadd $2
Other Specific Pageadd $1
Duplicate Banners$1 each

Every two weeks you will receive (via e-mail) an official hit list showing the hit count of your banner(s).

If you have questions or are ready to go, send your banner to . Send checks to The Wreakly Havoc, Advertising Dept., PO Box 66831, Scotts Valley, CA 95067.

If you need help designing a banner, the Havoc would be happy to oblige (for a small fee).

A limited number of banner exchanges is also available. Please contact for more information.

The Havoc reserves the right to reject any advertising for any reason, including ads deemed inappropriate or offensive.


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