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Issue 002
May 1998

Issue 002
Our first 'real' issue!

Microsoft Bundles Coke with Windows 98
Microsoft flips position on controversal cola debate.

The Beautiful Game
It only happens once every four years. It makes the Olympics seem like a child's talent show. What is it? It's World Cup 98!

Bethany College to Be First Educational Institution in Space
The college on the move gets ready to make another.

Havoc Publisher Buys Expensive Car
Jealous staff members express dismay at ostentatious purchase.

The Boy Who Refused to Go to the Bathroom
A Story for Rebellious Children

Where Are Today's Heroes?
In a society that values flash over substance, what does that tell the next generation?




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by Contributors

Great zine!
Clueless, MA

were r the sex pics? i loked all over sight but couldnt find. help pelase
Sexton, CT

Cool! A breath of fresh air!
Steamy, TX

Knock off the Clinton jokes! They are in bad taste.
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., D.C.

your mag sucks
Angry, BS

Great soccer coverage! More! More!
Paris, France

Is your site part of an X-Files conspiracy?
Seattle, WA

I'm bored. What are you doing right now?
Donaldson, NE

Your publisher should hang himself again.
Hanger, GE


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